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By Ariana Nieves,
Marketing Coordinator
Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) 

biophilia at home and in your yardIn general, plants and nature fascinate humans; this is a factor known betr promo code as biophilia. Many researchers have conducted studies investigating plants’ effects on people. There are many benefits to having plants within close vicinity, especially indoors, at the workplace, and through landscaping.  

Now more than ever, many people are working from home, so it is crucial to maintain a productive work environment in homes and traditional workplaces. Here are some of the many ways plants can help improve the workplace and home!  

Plants Reduce Stress 

Studies show plants significantly reduced stress in employees when present in the workplace, “Results included a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38% reduction in fatigue”. There is speculation that the color of the Betr app plants could contribute to this calming effect.  

Increases Productiveness and Promotes Wellbeing  

When greenery was in view and placed about every square meter in an office, employees showcased high memory retention. The brain is more likely to engage if an environment is stimulating.  

Additionally, researchers found plants can decrease work absences and sickness rates. Greenery aids in health and comfort, allowing employees to feel better about going to work every day.  

Plants Absorb Background Noise  

Plants help to fill office spaces, especially buildings with open-concept layouts. By taking up space, greenery helps to reduce distracting noises and, in turn, promotes further productivity by allowing employees to focus more intently. Reducing noise is crucial to staying Betr app focused and getting more work done. Big potted plants placed in an office or cubical corners are the best way to deafen sound.  

Plants Purify Air  

Indoor plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels by 10% in air-conditioned office spaces. Purified air can also contribute to increased wellness among employees as it can reduce allergy symptoms and airborne illness and ease asthma.  

Benefits of Outdoor Plants  

Many of the same benefits apply to both indoor and outdoor plants. However, landscaping has more room to be creative and add to a project’s design. Additionally, outdoor plants can help achieve LEED credit.  

Placing outdoor plants on 5,000 square feet of land can qualify as restoration and promote sustainability. An alternative is leaving existing vegetation on a site and only using betr promo code 25% of the land for a project. To learn more about qualifying for LEED credit, go betr. 

Plant Recommendations  

There are many different plants to choose from, but which are the best for workspaces? To see what plants can thrive in office spaces, go betr

Overall, plants are great for our mental and physical health. They have many benefits for work productivity and home balance. Greenery is not only great décor, but it can improve many different factors, so make sure to leave some room on your desk! 


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