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RUZU Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I see this Ruzu everywhere, what exactly is it?

A: Ruzu is a NAFDAC approved range of herbal products made from 100% natural ingredients with strong anti-oxidative properties.

Q: What does Ruzu do?

A: Ruzu helps to take care of oxidative stress and in turn helps in managing several diseases that stem from that; health conditions like Diabetes, High BP, Weak Erection etc.

Q: What is the recommended dosage of Ruzu Herbal Bitters?

A: Adults - 2-4 tablespoons 1 or 2 times daily before breakfast and bedtime depending on body weight. Children - 6 years and above, 1 teaspoon (5mls) once in 3 days. Use first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Q: Can someone who is fasting take Ruzu in the morning?

A: Yes, Taking Ruzu in the morning while fasting helps the detoxification process but should be followed with water intake at intervals.

Q: Why is Ruzu so bitter?

A: One of the herbs contained in it is called Bitter Apple (Citrullus colocynthis) which is responsible for the bitter taste.

Q: Is Ruzu Bitters NAFDAC approved?

A: Yes, the Ruzu Range of Products out in the market are NAFDAC approved.

Q: How many Ruzu Herbal Bitters are in a carton?

A: For the 200mls, 24 of the bottles are in one carton while the 500mls has 12 in it.

Q: Where can I buy Ruzu range of products?

A: You can visit any pharmacy around you and pick up some. You can also purchase from any of our independent distributors with the company.

Q: How many bags of tea are in the pack of Ruzu Tea?

A: 20 bags


Q: Can I give my kids who are less than 6 years old Ruzu Bitters?

A: Only children of 6 years and above are advised to take Ruzu.


Q: How should a couple trying to conceive take Ruzu?

A: Both should take consistently at first and finish at least 3 bottles each. Then, the man should continue to take consistently as prescribed. The woman takes as prescribed till the middle of her cycle (ovulation period) and stops till she sees her menses to repeat once she's confirmed not yet pregnant for that month.

Q: Can Ruzu help people suffering from Varicocele?

A: What Is a Varicocele? The scrotum is a skin-covered sac that holds the testicles. It also contains the arteries and veins that deliver blood to the reproductive glands. A vein abnormality in the scrotum may result in a varicocele. A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins within the scrotum. These veins are called the pampiniform plexus. A varicocele only occurs in the scrotum and is very similar to varicose veins that can occur in the leg. A varicocele can result in decreased sperm production and quality, which in some cases can lead to infertility. This condition can also cause the testicles to shrink. Consistent use of Ruzu Bitters & Ruzu Black for Men should help the varicocele patient. Let him give Ruzu a try consistently for 3-6months.

Q: A women used Ruzu for PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) and she said that her period has been flowing for more than a month. What should such a person do?

A: She should discontinue taking Ruzu for two days and resume afterwards. If the issue persists, pls advise her to switch to Ruzu capsule.


Q: What is the effect of Ruzu on Fibroids at early stage and advanced stage?

A: To answer this question with all the details required requires that a research designed to focus on this is carried out. However, from the understanding of fibroid and the mechanism of action of Ruzu, a possible answer may be proffered. Fibroid is a benign growth, an example of normal cells growing abnormally, a condition which has a correlation with oxidative stress that Ruzu deals with. The fact that Ruzu can maintain and repair cells, reduces the chances that fibroid will survive. Back to the question, Ruzu is expected to first arrest oxidants in the physiological environment of the fibroid and subsequently help the cells to either begin to respect endogenous regulatory mechanisms and stop uncontrolled proliferation or induce the immune system to mop up the fibroid cells. Remember that Ruzu is also an immune booster. The time frame for each of these phases would differ in different persons though. wedding wear options for older and mature brides

Q: I have been taking Ruzu for fibroids and I'm on the 7th bottle. But I recently started having serious sharp pains in my lower abdomen and very painful urination for a week now. May I kindly get a doctor's advice? The pains are unbearable and I would like to know what's going on.

A: If the person can bear it, she should continue using Ruzu. The pain will subside. However, she may suspend taking Ruzu for another three days and resume after


Q: My question is about the Ruzu Capsule. Hope it will not sacrifice efficacy for convenience?

A: Ruzu Capsule's efficacy is not short of that of the liquid.

Q: I like Ruzu Bitters but I can hardly take it because of the bitter taste, What can I do?

A: The Ruzu Capsules are available and perfect for you, you can still enjoy your Ruzu in its encapsulated form.

Q: Is Ruzu Capsules as effective as the liquid form?

A: Yes it is…only the assimilation that's different, thus the laxative effect of Ruzu capsules laxates is a lot less. This makes the capsules great to take while going to places that have no restrooms or on long road trips.


Q: There are a lot of bitters: Swedish Bitters, Living Bitters, Yoyo Bitters and Alomo Bitters. . . What makes Ruzu different?

A: Ruzu is a strong antioxidant which does not only mop up free radicals that cause organ damage but is also capable of reversing organ damage by repairing damaged cells. This is the reason why Ruzu appears to be able to effectively mediate in the treatment of many diseases. Ruzu is both preventive and curative depending on the illness in question. You can begin to feel the healing effect of Ruzu even under 24hrs in many cases.


Q: Please someone having ulcer and taking ruzu for d first time; should he take 10mls twice daily or start 10lms once a day? I don't want him to experience heart burn that's why I'm asking please I need your advice.

A: Depends on his body weight 20ml daily is fine, but he must take enough water before and after using Ruzu or the person can switch to Ruzu capsule taken with water as well.

Q: How do I recommend the use of Ruzu to someone who complained of seeing blood in her stool?

A: Check if the person is not an ulcer patient. If he/she is, advise him/her to always take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu. If he/she is not an ulcer patient, he/she is most likely overdosing on Ruzu. Reduce the dose and or frequency of dosage to once daily.

Q: For people with ulcer, what is the difference between taking a glass of water before and after using Ruzu, and pouring Ruzu in Water and drink?

A: Putting Ruzu in 2 glasses of water before drinking and taking a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu is almost one and the same in effect. The idea is to increase the pH of Ruzu and make it much less acidic. However, it may be more convenient to do the latter.

Q: 2days after someone started taking Ruzu, he began to pass out bloody stool. What is d cause & why is it like that for him?

A: He is most likely an ulcer patient. He may not even be aware of his ulcer status. Tell him to stop for a week or two. When he resumes, he should take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu and he will be fine.


Q: Does Ruzu cure Diabetes and High BP?

A: Diabetes and High BP can only be managed not cured. Ruzu helps to manage these quite effectively based on the number of testimonies recorded.

Q: I take Ruzu regularly. However my BP is going up instead of coming down....I am on my 3rd bottle.

A: I hope you didn't outrightly discontinue usage of your orthodox medicine. For effectiveness, you are not supposed to withdraw totally from the regular orthodox medications you were on before you commenced the use of Ruzu. Ruzu should be initially taken alongside the orthodox drugs with a 1 to 2hr interval i.e. 1 to 2 hours before using the orthodox drugs in the morning or 1 to 2hrs after using orthodox drugs at night. Please also confirm that you're sticking to the dosage on the leaflet based on your body weight.

Q: Can a hypertensive patient stop the regular drugs because they are taking RUZU? Or can they take both RUZU and their drugs?

A: People should not stop using their orthodox medicine while taking Ruzu. We advise that RUZU be taken early enough, say around 5-6am before meal and orthodox medicine could then be taken anytime from 2 hours after meal.


Q: Please can someone with Low Blood Pressure take ruzu? Someone told her Ruzu will dry up her blood! Her blood pressure was 90/60 and sometimes went as low as 60/40, and caused her to experience weakness. She is responding well to treatment and wanted to take ruzu as well. Is it advisable?

A: With the proper spacing of the use of Ruzu, the desired blood pressure can be achieved and maintained. 10mls twice a day is generally advised for people with low blood pressure.


Q: Please could RUZU be effective in the treatment and management of heel pain?

A: Yes. Ruzu is generally effective on pains, any pain.

Q: What's the best combo for a re-occuring arthritis pain?

A: Ruzu Bitters + Ruzu Tea + Ruzu Balm, alongside with his orthodox medicine.


Q: Ruzu claims to take care of many illness. How is this possible?

A: Simply put, Ruzu simply takes care of oxidative stress which is the root cause of many of these diseases.

Q: How can one product (Ruzu) be used to intervene in many health issues? I don't believe in the issue of 'gbogbonise'/cure-all.

A: Almost all diseases have their origin and complications rooted in oxidative stress which Ruzu Bitters effectively ameliorates. It is then logical that since oxidative stress, which Ruzu deals checks has been implicated in the etiology of many diseases, Ruzu will keep these many diseases at bay.

Q: I love the Ruzu products, but I don't have any of the highlighted issues, just for general detoxifications. How I do use them?

>A: Ruzu Bitters in the morning (capsules or liquid), Tea in the evening. For the Ruzu Tea, one teabag can do a 2L water kettle. Ruzu Black at night is perfect for men.

Q: Can I take Ruzu products with my orthodox medicine?

A: Yes, you can. Infact, we advise to keep using your orthodox medicine with Ruzu until the symptoms have fully been managed. Just ensure you space the medications by 2hr intervals.

Q: My issues are not mentioned as part of the indications on the Ruzu Bottle, Can I still go ahead and use Ruzu?

A: Yes, please go ahead and try Ruzu for any of the issues you may have. Since Ruzu is 100% natural, there is indeed no harm in trying. We keep getting feedbacks of different ailments Ruzu has taken care of which were not listed on the leaflet.


Q: Someone complained that after purchasing Ruzu, he sent the Ruzu verification code (for authenticity) on his Ruzu to the number on the pack as directed, but no response was gotten. He bought it from a registered distributor. What may have happened?

A: He may have typed in 0 for o or i for l. Once the right character is typed and sent by SMS, without adding anything before or after the code, he will get a response!

Q: Someone complained that after purchasing Ruzu, he sent the Ruzu verification code (for authenticity) on his Ruzu to the number on the pack as directed, but no response was gotten. He bought it from a registered distributor. What may have happened?

A: He should try sending the number with another network outside MTN, many MTN numbers have this DND (Do Not Disturb) feature activated, and as such do not get SMS sent online. Usually when you use another number it will now say number has already been used. This is because it was used before but MTN blocked it with DND. If symptoms persist, contact the same number via WhatsApp 08092690000


Q: Can Nursing Mothers take Ruzu

A: Nursing Mothers of babies less than 3 months old are advised to hold off taking Ruzu. After 3 months, Ruzu should only be taken in 5-10mls in a day, say once or twice a week.


Q: What are the common signs that a diabetic or high blood pressure patient will see to enable him/her say Ruzu is the right product for cases of this nature?

A: Only proper medical tests can ascertain when Ruzu has helped to manage diabetes of High BP. So the patient/s should do regular tests to ascertain, body "feelings" at times are not accurate.


Q: How long will the cancer patient have to take Ruzu Bitters before seeing positive changes?

A: The person should take two - four tablespoons twice daily. If the laxative effect of ruzu is not too much for the person, he/she should not take less than three tablespoons twice daily. As for how long it will take to get result, it depends on the condition of the person. People respond to drugs differently. Please note that we are talking about cancer here, not headache. However, associated pains and discomfort should significantly subside in one or two weeks. For an appreciable inhibition of the proliferation of cancer cells, this person should NOT be talking about how soon. He/she will be on Ruzu for quite a while if not ad infinitum. He/she will however see reasons to continue taking Ruzu in a week or two of constantly taking it.

Q: Does this Ruzu help prostate cancer patients?

A: Ruzu helps cancer patients. With the recent introduction of Ruzu Black for Men, the results are even more encouraging. Even pharmacists are confirming that. Cancers are usually oxidative stress related. Ruzu douses oxidative stress and repairs cells. The answer to that question is YES, especially when Ruzu Bitters is combined with the Ruzu Black for men in this way: Ruzu Bitters in the morning, Ruzu Black at Night.


Q: How should a boy of 12+ take RUZU? He was diagnosed of a kidney issue (swelling of the face) Can Ruzu Cure this ailment? And what duration?

A: Ruzu WILL help the boy's kidney issue. A twelve year old boy should weigh around 30-40kg. He could use a tablespoon once every other day. Get the report of medical re-examination after 2-4 weeks of taking RUZU to know how to move on.


Q: I know someone who is very close to 50yrs, and has not seen her menses for over 4months now. Shall I advise her to take Ruzu or has menopause kicked in?

A: Does she want to see her period? If yes, please go ahead and give Ruzu. Ruzu helps to rejuvenate.


Q: Does Ruzu help in treating high prolactin in ladies?

A: Yes, Ruzu helps with hormonal imbalance generally. There are lots of testimonies to this effect.


Q: What products make up the Ruzu Range?

A: Ruzu Herbal Bitters, Ruzu Herbal Tea, Ruzu Black for Men, Ruzu Balm, Ruzu Skincare, Ruzu Capsules and more to come.

Q: These Ruzu range of products, can I combine them and how?

A: Yes, you can combine as follows: Ruzu Bitters + Ruzu Tea (+Balm) - Heart Issues, Stress Issues, lack of sleep issues, arthritis, etc. Ruzu Bitters + Tea (+Soap) = Women Issues, Weight loss, Sleep loss (insomnia). Ruzu Bitters + Ruzu Black = Erectile Dysfunction, Low sex drive, Sex Organ Related issues for Men, Weak or Premature Ejaculation.

Q: What does Ruzu Herbal Tea do?

A: Ruzu Herbal Tea is used primarily for management of stress, weight loss, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Insomnia, Heart Related Ailments and Stroke.

Q: What does Ruzu Black for men do?

A: Ruzu Black for men helps to enhance libido, rejuvenate male organs, correct erectile dysfunction, helps men with prostrate issues, weak erection or premature ejaculation.

Q: How is Ruzu Black different from Ruzu Bitters?

A: Ruzu Black does everything Ruzu Bitters does, however it is intentionally designed for men and the full scope of their sexual wellness.

Q: Can women take Ruzu Black, I mean, is it safe for them?

A: Yes, Women can take Ruzu Black if they please. It is safe.

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