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? ? I cant settle but to break down and cry ? ?

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From the beginning of your journey I never thought it’d end like this. I would’ve never thought we’d only have 3 months left with each other after you being diagnosed...never in a million years. Today I had to lay you to rest and boy did it hurt. I’m hurting babe, I’m hurting really bad. How am I suppose to cope with this!? Ever since you started battling cancer I always prayed a miracle would happen and that you’d be back to yourself in no time. But babe you never let it bring you down, like ever. You were the strongest man I knew and I honestly don’t know how you pulled it off. You were only 25 Anthony and you should not have gone through this, you were taken from us too soon my love and I will forever be sorry you’re not here with us. You were one of my biggest blessings and I will forever hold you and all of our memories in my heart. I pray I’ll be okay again but until then I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you. I hope I’ll be able to laugh and smile again because the reasonings for those were you, you brought so much joy into our life and I will forever be grateful. AJ will know your legacy, I know you’ll live through him...I can see it already. My love you fought like hell, till your last breath I knew you didn’t wanna give up...but I knew you were tired. Tired of hurting, tired of suffering and just tired of not being able to live your life like you wanted. You were weak babe, weakest I’ve ever seen you. Going from 170 to 94lbs I knew it’d be hard to keep on fighting. But you fought with everything you had and I’m so proud of you for it. I’m so proud of the man you were, the husband you were but especially the father you were. God knew it was time, time to take your suffering away and let you be at peace. I am angry but I’m also relieved you’re not hurting anymore. I never gave up on you and just knew you’d pull through. Things happen for a reason baby and I honestly don’t know why. Being strong for you through everything was so hard to do, because that was your job but I’m gonna try my best, as hard as I can, to be strong for our boy. I’m sad because he needs you but I will tell your story to him and he will know his daddy was a brave, strong soldier who fought like hell for him and who loved him more than words could ever say. It kills me because your last couple of months weren’t fun, joyful, exciting or anything. You were miserable and I really hated that for you and I’m so sorry your life ended this way. Anthony Cole, I’m not sayin goodbye to you because I will see you again one day, and until then please save me a spot up there. AJ and I love you and we always will. Rest In Peace my love! wedding

Thank you everyone for all your prayers, kind gestures, support and everything you have done for our family. I wouldn’t be able to get through this without you all. We love you. This video consists of all our pics we took throughout the last of his journey, it hurts me because there’s not many of us all smiling or having a good time.

To everyone with a significant other, do not take them for granted. Love them unconditionally and as hard as you can because you never know when there last day with you is.

“To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.” ?

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