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under 300 of the wedding

Been in the ER since 6pm due to excruciating pain on my right side just under the bottom of my ribs. After blood work & an xray that showed nothing, the doctor came in and done an ultra sound. He found that I have several gall stones. I will need surgery, but it's not an emergency right now. I have to call Monday to set up date/time for surgery unless it starts getting worse and then I will need to come back to the ER. Getting some good pain meds to go home with until surgery. A big thank you to under 300 of the wedding Steven for taking me to the ER and keeping me company for the 6 hours we were there. And a special thank you to Renita for taking Lil Steven dinner!

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Communiqué (additif) relatif au poste d’Opérationnels Polyvalents


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