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I have a history of being into cool stuff way before it's popular/hipster, often because of my love of food and travel. For example, I was into:

*Rooibos tea before it was in every shop (thanks South Africa)
*La Cevichera when it still had under 30 Yelp reviews (thanks Josh , and you're welcome, Los Angeles)
*Argan oil as a salad dressing before it was in every beauty product (Thanks Candice ) ...
*Calamansi (thanks Seafood City) before fancy drink menus had it and before fusion Filipino food was a fancy thing)
* Gary Vaynerchuk before he was a majillionaire (thanks 2007)
*Food trucks, before Roy Choi (when they were still called roach coaches)
*Fancy cocktails , before every bar program had them (but after, you know, they were invented) thanks, San Francisco
*Artisan Ice Cream , when Mashti Malone's and Scoops were the only games in town (Thanks Bi-Rite salted caramel)
*RUM, which is going to the be the next big thing in the U.S. even though Caribbeans, duh, and Western Europeans, already know its greatness (thanks Guatemala and Max )
*Homemade buddha's hand citron before all the vodka brands started doing it
*Koreatown before, you know, everybody ate there (thanks mom and dad)
*Jerk chicken (before pimento wood was widely available in the U.S.)

So I'm putting this out there:

The future is going to be filled with single-variety, terroir-based raisins. Marks my words. Some dried on the vine, some dehydrated and sugared. You'll be able to buy them in packages by varietal, and growers will be thrilled. Think the way they sell Montmorency dried cherries in Michigan.


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Communiqué (additif) relatif au poste d’Opérationnels Polyvalents


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