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red prom dresses 2018

Stephanie Buck '05 wrote this wonderful article about Greta, Lady bird and our Red Carpet Party. We can't wait to see everyone on Sunday! Don't forget to clean out your closet and bring your prom dresses to donate to the Sacramento Library's Dress Donation. { }

Need extra tickets to Red Carpet Party? They are almost sold out, grab them while you can!

St. Francis High School Sacramento February 28 at 5:04pm ·

Alumna Stephanie Buck '05 wrote a lovely article for Vanity Fair about Greta Gerwig '02, Lady Bird and our Red Carpet Party 2018 on Sunday. It's really great to hear the community near and far abuzz for Greta, Lady Bird and Sacramento! We cant wait for Sunday, it's going to be a really fun evening. red prom dresses 2018 # SacramentoProud # TroubieProud # LadyBird

More about our Red Carpet Party at…/lady-bird-oscar-party-greta-ge…

Spaghetti Straps and Sacramento Pride: Inside the Oscar Party at Greta Gerwig’s High School
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