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Miss gown
1. Burgundy fitted Gown.
Adults leave home knowing what?
Difference between debit and credit card. Financial management skills.
Great answer! ...
2 Dunn - green fitted sequin gown with plunging neck line.
About 1 in 5 school age children are obese. Change how?
Importance of exercise daily. Platform info.
3. Audrey - patterned gown with nuetral and black shimmeriness - platform explanation to elementary kids.
Explain who marylin was. Relevance. Personal experience as inspiration on bullying. Stronger together.
4. Navy velvet fitted gown.
How do you encourage people your age to volunteer? - exoeriendf if bullying. Education of affect. Helps community and self. Good answer.
5. Fayetteville - black fitted gown mesh and Beaded Sides and back. Deep neckline.
How can dance change the way we think.
Helps with many things (detailed). Helps kids get out. Have fun. - Good answer.
6. Elizabeth. - knock out gown. Hey girl can I borrow that fit my wedding ?? White a line. Off shoulder . Pure class. Fav gown yet!!!
How do you - Military fam support? (I think? To distracted with the amazing gown) killed her answer though. High five!
7. Rachel - Nude with blue lace overlay. Fitted. Sleeves. - how do you raise money for cystic fibrosis?
Detailed explanation of platform and traveling appearances. 2500 raised.
8. Nia - Red mermaid - how do music and arts foster self expression?
It's everywhere. Better of with music. Good answer.
9. Rose hill - indigo mermaid gown. High neck. Long train. Flattering.
Platform related.
10. Logan. Magenta gown. Fitted. Side mesh and Beaded cut outs.
How does someone decide where to volunteer. - focus on homeless and suicide prevention. But what makes you have passion. Pursue that. - strong answer
11. Mountain glory. Black strapless sweetheart neckline. Mini mermaid
Why do you suggest theater.
Why she is here. Builds confidence and public speaking skills. Share passion through arts with kids. Good answer.
12. Belmont. - black fitted gown. Velvet bottom. Simple. Very flattering. I dig. - ADHD awareness - speaking to schools about affects on you and family. Good answer. prom
13. Jenna. - red fitted gown. Off shoulder sleeves. Trendy separate train connected in back at hips.
Benefit of girls on the run?
Proud of who you are. Building us confidence of program. Tie in to talent. I can't help but love this girl. Don't know her, but I'm a fan. So real and likeable!
14. Tiffany. - red gown. Fitted. Off shoulders. Beaded straps. Deep classy neckline.
Help children with something? ( missed it). -
Help kids find passion in exercise and nutrition.
15. Rowan. White lace over nude dress . Long sleeves. Tons of sparkle.
Skin care. - glo -
Visit. Schools. Education. Samples.

All the young woman were beautiful. There was not one bad dress or answer! Tons of class and every contestant and support team should be proud!

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Communiqué (additif) relatif au poste d’Opérationnels Polyvalents


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