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maid of honor wears look unusual

Vaccines have never been shown by science to prevent disease.

Vaccine dangers vs. vaccine inefficacy. # Vaxxed # Tribeca # StopKillingKidz # PharmaLove # PackageInserts # DeathMeds

More victims of the vaccine holocaust.

No need to believe or disbelieve when we can know.
"Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination"…/into-labyrinth-discove…

"Epidemiological science (the study of disease in populations) shows unequivocally that vaccines do not prevent disease."

"Blacklisted Is the New Black: Alicia Silverstone Takes on Rockefeller Industrial Medicine - An expose of the historical fraud of vaccination" maid of honor wears look unusual
by Jock Doubleday
Sunday, April 17, 2016…/blacklisted-is-new-bla…

"Anti-Science, Pro-Vaccine Vaccination Laws: One More Reason Americans Need the Second Amendment"…/anti-science-pro-vacci…

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