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informal wedding dresses

George Thompson did as he was instructed by Klt Iacobbo , he meandered along the docks waiting for the ship's complement to throw him a rope to tie off the makeshift prop that appeared to be a 18th Century Schooner. Ruth Miller , held onto the rail, and felt it give. "Um. Klt Iacobbo ! This railing is lose, will that be okay?"

"CUT!" Klt, jumped from the lift chair and walked purposely forward, headed to the prop.

"Um while we are at it, K-L, The rope is not where it is suppose to be." George Thompson pointed to the spot he was to have the rope thrown to him.

"WHAT IS GOING ON DAYLIGHT," She took a breath is burning, "Where is Mickey Murphy ?" Klt Iacobbo turned looking around for her number one go to man.

Mickey Murphy was nowhere to be seen. Bill Montague rushed forward, "Um Mickey Murphy is over at the other sight ma'am where you are going to shoot next, he was setting up the scene with the set director over there."

"Well," Her voice was paced to show she was exerting a lot of patience, "SOME," She lowered her voice, "Someone go get him."

Andrew Desy looked from Bill Montague to Klt Iacobbo , "Well ma'am we can fix what needs to be fixed, but if you want Mickey, I can go get him."

Klt sighed hung her head and slumped her shoulders. "Everyone take ten!" The extras began to shift and look for a place to sit and wait preferably out of the cold wind. "Why not we break for lunch, and then come back and we will begin this again, and hope I don't loose my light!" She knew she did not need her extras falling ill. informal wedding dresses

Faye Warren curled her hand into the material of her dress and daintily made her way down the plank to the faux dock. "I am going to the warm lunch tent see you guys over there!" She called over her shoulder.

Laura FitzGerald did a double time to catch up with Faye, "Hey I am with you I am so cold. Come on let's go" She hooked her arm through Faye's and hurried her towards the tent. "It is freezing cold and that wind is not helping, I can't feel my nose and my toes are in question right now too."

Faye chuckled, "Yeah I know that feeling standing up there on that narrow deck and having the wind buffet my dress I could feel a draft crawling up my dress, have you heard anything about the shooting schedule over the holidays?"

Angela Kay Thomas rushed up behind them, "They said that KlT was shooting up to The Eve of Christmas Eve and then they would shut down for the holidays and Start up after the first of the year, that Lori Yeazel Mills and Johnny Elliott would be doing an informal announcement of their engagement and wedding."

Flo MacDonald walked with Renee Kriechbaum as they approached women and waited for them to enter the tent, "Hey can we talk about this inside my fingers are frozen!" Flo MacDonald wanted to nudge them through the door and she sniffed lightly to show she was ready for some heat.

Renee Kriechbaum leaned forward, "I heard that they will be getting married here in Collinsport and that the wedding will rival Alsia ( Lisa Anne Owens ) Braithwaites'. I am so excited Collinsport will be full of news media and paparazzi."

Shelli Booher opened the tent flap. "Hey you going to stand out there holding down the street or coming in, it sure is warmer in here than out there!" She stood aside to let them enter, "Cook has a whole plethora of wonderful goodies in the pans over there and it's all warm!"

Cheryl Bennett Magistrale Chang was the first in line. "Hey guys they have something called bean spouts and water chestnuts in a soy sauce and it is yummy!"

Glenn Mohrlok and Morgan Podolak were back on the lot doing security, they could feel the wind gust and rock their car. "Hey they broke for lunch, you want I should go over and get us something and bring it back here?" Glenn was the brave one to offer to go and get some food for them.

Morgan smiled, "A man after my own stomach, sure and make it hot and good." He watched Glenn fight the wind and open the door, shrug down into his jacket and dash to the lunch tent.

Daniel Wilson keyed his microphone. "Hey guys you going to get something to eat?"

Morgan Podolak laughed keyed his mic, "Yeah, Glenn is going now to get us something when he gets back if you want you can go."

"Hey Mo, you heard anything on how the Captain is doing?"

Morgan looked down, he wanted to say yeah all was fine, and he wanted to say she would be back on duty at eleven, but they had heard nothing. Keying his mic he said in soften tones, "No, no word since they sent her home last night, Glenn and I were thinking about going over there after this is over and check on her condition."

Daniel Wilson 's voice burped over the radio, "Mind if I tag along, I want to make sure she is okay too."

"Nope the more the merrier."

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