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homecoming dresses 2018 cheap

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Just want to say thankyou so much for all the donations of everything. We have hung up ? ? ? ? 302 prom dresses in our new gaff..

Although this seems like a lot some get stained or have accidents so we are always collecting and we have worked with over 200 young people and families already this year...
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we hope that the word spreads and we can triple that by the end of next year... ? ?

We outgrew our little prom room and moving into premises was the next natural step in our growth. This will mean that anyone visiting can now have the real prom dress experience... prettt much how it would be in any shop you go to to buy a gorgeous dress but without paying... homecoming dresses 2018 cheap

We will also have a room dedicated to our pre loved items that are for sale to help us keep going and are super duper cheap... so you can always call in to find a bargain..

Official opening day is 15th September where we will be having an open day so everyone can come and have a look around and meet the team xx

Thankyou so much for the continued support xoxox ? ?

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