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Born in Phnom Penh in 1887, George Groslier was a French artist, author, architect and historian who devoted his life to the study and revival of the ancient arts of the Khmer civilization. Groslier designed what is today the National Museum of Cambodia, opening the institution on April 13, 1920. Simultaneously, he founded the School of Cambodian Arts to revive the classic crafts of Cambodia. In 1936, English author Miss Harriet Winifred Ponder published Cambodian Glory, incl... evening

Continue Reading - Apsara & Devata of Angkor Wat | Decoding an archaeological mystery: Who were the ancient women whose portraits are carved on the Khmer temple of Angkor Wat? Born in Salles en Gironde, France on Mar. 19, 1886, Jean Despujols is best known to Southeast Asian scholars for his stunning art depicting French Indochina during his two-year mission throughout the region from 1936-1938. His paintings of Angkor and Cambodian dancers are among the most beautiful
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