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dresses for women over 40

On a more solemn note... this from a British ex-Muslim friend of mine. He requests he not be named as he is now an apostate and the penalty for leaving Islam is death.

This subject is high on my list of importance because of what is happening all over Europe. In America it's not so real to us, but after living in Europe 18+ years, I saw the writing on the wall and it was one of the reasons I came back to the USA.

Read please and share so that we may all know the truths of Islam.

"Why is it nigh on impossible to convince Muslims to leave Islam? Simple. Muhammad, Allah and Quran have told Muslims that they are the "best" of creation. Anyone not a Muslim is a Kafir in their eyes. Kafir is a derogatory term for Unbeliever. Is it any wonder why we Unbelievers and especially Ex Muslims are not even given the courtesy of a platform to even discuss the problems of Islam with them? When we Ex Muslims ask for dialogue, they look at us with contempt as if to say "how dare you criticized our pure and perfect religion?!!".

The ugly truth of Islam is that Allah has labelled non-Muslims (including apostates) as Kafir. Allah says Kafirs are filthy (in arabic it means -najis) [Q5:41, 9:28, 13:17] and worthy of humiliation [Q9:79; 17:18, 2:85, 2:114, 3:192, 5:33, 17:18, 22:18] and even death [Q9:73, 2:193, 9:5, 47:4, 66:9, 9:123]. Kafir is worse than any word in any language in that it is tolerated.

Kafir is the real truth of Allah. It is sacred hate.

My dear FB Friend Mufassil opens our eyes even more into this mind cult dressed up as a religion.

Courtesy.....Mufassil Islam (the wise and esteemed Ex Muslim in UK of Bangladeshi origin)

The Haram List of the Islamist Extremists/Terrorists ! Seriously !!! No joke !!!

1. The West is haram;

2. Philosophy is haram;

3. Most of the scientific tools are haram except weapons;

4. Modern lifestyle is haram;

5. Any type of music is haram;

6. Any poetry is haram;

7. Education in the non-Muslim Countries is haram;

8. Giving money as charity to non-Muslims is haram but taking it is ok;

9. Friendship with non-Muslims is haram but marrying certain non-Muslims is ok;

10. Showing faces by women is haram but using women as concubines is ok;

11. Marrying certain non-Muslim women is haram but marrying minor girls is ok;

12. Sleeping with women outside marriage is haram but sleeping with slaves and servants are ok;

13. Insults or arguments against Islam are haram but preaching Islam with argument is ok;

14. Anti-Islamic writers and beliefs and their followers are haram and should be put to death but the campaigns for equal rights in non-Muslim nations are ok;

15. Expressing love for the beloved or even to wife in any form or shape is haram in public but stoning women to death in public is ok;

16. Showing face on Face Book is haram but coming to Face Book with fake accounts to see faces of others simply to taunt them is ok;

17. Smoking and wining are haram but cultivating drugs in Afghanistan is ok;

18. Killing of the innocent is haram but the non-Muslims are not innocent, hence killing them is ok;

19. Following any law other than Sharia in a country is haram but queuing up to apply for visas to non-Muslim nations is ok;

20. Allowing non-Muslims as migrants for permanent settlement is haram in a Muslim nation but going to a non-Muslim nation for settlement purposes is ok;

21. Killing of Muslims during war even by accident by the adversary during the war is haram but killing of innocent civilians of non-Muslim enemy Nations deliberately in retaliation is justice;

22. Wearing clothes below the ankle by men is haram but tearing women's clothes and raping them during war to make them properties of the Muslims are ok;

23. Disobeying husband's orders is haram but beating wives is ok;

24. Dialogues at Islamic Shura Council by the Ulema or Islamic scholars to run a Country is ok but allowing common people to voice their opinion is haram;

25. Dialogues amongst Muslims in relation to theological differences are haram in fear of Fitna but crying foul about disunity amongst Muslims is ok;

26. Condemning non-Muslims about anything is ok but condemning terrorists amongst Muslims is haram;

27. Traveling the world is ok but allowing non-Muslim, even charity workers in Muslim lands is haram;

28. Shaving off beard is haram but shaving pubic hair regularly for returning Jihadis is ok;

29. Being brave to wage wars against non-Muslims or even peace loving Muslims are ok but talking about filthy views of the Terrorists is haram in fear of rifts in the Muslim Community;

30. Burning Quran is haram but killing of innocent people who are Muslims even inside the Mosques is ok;

31. Worshipping anyone other than Allah is haram but following their religious political leaders unquestionably is not worship, i.e., ok;

32. Laws of non-Muslim Nations are haram but seeking justice from non-Muslim Nations is ok and killing Judges of their own Country is ok;

33. Allowing women to work is haram but accepting female leadership in an alliance is ok;

34. Democracy is haram but seizing power at the first opportunity is ok;

35. Invading non-Muslims are devils but Muslims who can take over non-Muslim lands are heroes;

36. Criticism of leaders is haram but criticism of Prophets is ok;

37. Stealing other people's wealth is haram but raping wives of the captives is ok;

38. Scolding and hurling abuses towards Islamist Terrorists are haram but calling moderate Muslims as Kaafirs and branding the non-Muslims as devils are ok;

39. Female voice is haram but ignoring their cries when they are lashed for even wearing nail-varnishes is ok;

40. Clergy in Islam is haram but allowing only people with degrees from Madrasas to talk for Islam is allowed;

41. Education for women is haram, except as much that might help to run household works to serve husband;

42. Apostasy from Islam is haram and punishable by branding the person mad, or by outcasting him from social life or by putting him to death as a Murtad, but apostates from other faiths are considered child like innocent if they convert to their form of belief. The same applies to members of certain Islamist political parties where desertion is considered similar to deserting the faith and the deserter will be hounded the same way. The same principle of persecution is followed online or offline in social media as well. Trust me, I have first hand experience. The great Islamist mouse trap ! ; dresses for women over 40

43. Drawing human figures for any purpose is Haram and even playing with dolls and animal toys are Haram;

44. Any sport is haram except archery and running.

(I can keep writing forever...)"

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