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What was the most memorable medical story of 2016? Two transplants that made medical history, writes Denise Grady, a Times health reporter:

Two extraordinary transplants made medical history in 2016. One was a devastating failure. The other, though still a work in progress, has been a success.

On Feb. 24, Lindsey McFarland, a 26-year-old woman from Texas, became the first in the United States to receive a uterus transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. Born without a uterus, she h ... oped the transplant would enable her to become pregnant.

But on March 7—just hours after a celebratory press conference—Ms. McFarland began to hemorrhage, and the transplant had to be removed. The cause was later determined to be a yeast infection.

The uterus transplant program at Cleveland has been on hold ever since. Meanwhile, in September, doctors at Baylor University Medical Center performed four uterus transplants. Three failed, and the fourth went well, although it is too soon to know whether it will lead to a birth.

There was happier news from Boston in May, where Thomas Manning, 64, whose penis was removed because of cancer, had the first penis transplant in the United States at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The surgery was experimental, part of a research program with the ultimate goal of helping combat veterans, cancer patients and accident victims.

Within a few weeks of the transplant, Mr. Manning had normal urinary function. Sexual activity was expected to take longer to come back. Mr. Manning was in no rush, he said during a recent interview. He was busy getting ready to have another body part replaced: the aortic valve in his heart. country rustic collections for wedding made of lace

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Yeast Infection Led to Removal of Transplanted Uterus The infection inhibited blood supply to the transplanted uterus, the first in the United States, causing the need for its removal from a Texas
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