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Toronto's NHL All-Star Wayne Simmonds cordially invites you and yours to celebrate life and the noble cause of giving back at the inaugural social lifestyle gala in support of his 6th annual charity ball hockey tournament, "Wayne's Road Hockey Warriors".

Introducing the "Orange & Black Gala": the Gala is an epic lifestyle affair that brings together sports and NHL stars, plus VIP leaders and tastemakers from various sectors, including music, pop culture and the corporate worl ... d, for one unforgettable night of celebrating Wayne's charitable commitment of giving back to his hometown of Toronto.

The Orange & Black Gala will feature a live performance by RnB sensation Blackstreet and promises to be the most stylish and entertaining social event of the summer. Dress chic and be ready to party and mingle. You are also encouraged to style in orange, black and white to complement the theme of the Gala. The best style will be rewarded!

VIP ticket holders will be treated to a complimentary signature cocktail plus the

opportunity to mingle with host, NHL All-Star MVP Wayne Simmonds and other invited VIPs

All VIP ticket holders will have access to the Orange & Black Carpet Gala Roof Top experience from 7-10pm.

And attendees must be of the legal age of 19 plus.

Dress Code: We encourage attendees to dress chic;

wear white, black and just a touch of orange

to complement the Gala’s theme

Doors open at 9 PM.

Book Your Gala and VIP tickets now at or

send email money transfers to [email protected] and text your name and security answer to 416-882-9863.

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Communiqué (additif) relatif au poste d’Opérationnels Polyvalents


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