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blue and white wedding

3 years ago already. Now a baby as well.....

Seems like only yesterday <3

3 Years Ago See Your Memories chevron-right Cathy Curry is feeling seriously over not being able to rely on people who NEVER do what they say they will. April 10, 2015 · Melbourne, VIC, Australia ·

So the task of finding a suit, shirt & shoes for Zach since 'someone' didn't bother to take him the 2 weeks I was away like I asked him & still didn't bother Tu ... esday, Wednesday or Thursday this week like I asked him as I had to work......Was plannig on going to Airport West today because the yhave a Lowes & they stock BIG MEN sizes but thought I'd try my luck at Watergardens first as it's close to home. So last night we head over to Watergardens & I swear it's like Lord of the fucking rings quest trying to find stuff that fits him. I called Williams Shoes before I left & the girl said yes we have some in a 14 but it depends on the style. So we head there first, looking at some of the shoes & I ask the sales girl what do you have in a 14 & she replies we only stock up to a 13......not what I was fucking told over the phone.....NOT HAPPY! Walking in & out of shops with no luck, finally find a suit that fits but it's blue & I don't really want blue, black would be more serviceable. Oh we have one in that size at one of our other stores, we can have it sent here & ready to pick up tomorrow.......oh yes, I could kiss this little Asian dude right now.....jacket 52 & pants 46 o.O ......but they don't have any white shirts left in his size -_- so close & yet so far.....Anyway I pay for the suit & arrange to pick it up Friday. Then we're off looking for shoes. Go into Betts & there is only 1 sales assistant & she is serving a family......all friggin' 8 of them & they're all getting new shoes.....SERIOUSLY? TONIGHT? YOU HAD TO BRING YOUR WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY TONIGHT? She eventually comes over to us & I ask if they have anything in a 14 or 15....."no, we only go up to a 12" SERIOUSLY? I waited all that time for nothing. Tried a few more shoe stores with no luck......I mean seriously, they make runners up to about 20 something, well don't they think that eventually the guys who wear this size might want a dress shoe? Ugh.....okay we'll head over to Airport West tomorrow (Friday) & check out Lowes for a shirt & try a few more shoe stores..........

Today: I have a 12 appointment to get my nails done so I fly up the paddock & feed the ponies then head home, quick shower & clean up a bit then off to Watergardens (again) to get my nails done. After I get my nails done I thought I'd check out Athletes Foot coz I know they have a few styles of black shoes in larger sizes coz that where I got his school shoes from. The guy says we have this Rockport dress shoe in a 13 but it's a big sizing so they might fit. Okay race home grab Zach & back to Watergardens (again). Zach is like "relax speed racer, it's only 5 minutes away" don't start me boy, I'm on a mission!...........Get him to try the shoes & yes, they do fit. A 14 would have been preferable but they're okay & he's going to wear these if it kills him. Still need a shirt. One place I didn't look coz I really didn't think they'd have anything big enough was Target. Head to Target & YES....they have a section now up to 7 XL ...THERE IS A GOD........try the 4 XL, too tight, try the 5 XL, still a bit tight......hang on I'll see if I can find a 6 XL.....looking, looking, looking......damn it, no 6 XL in white....looking, looking, looking......OH YES.....FOUND ONE....the only white one left.......and it fits......sweet Jesus it's 3 o clock Friday afternoon & I've only just managed to find everything for Zach to wear to the wedding I have to go home, clean up, wash clothes & try & get myself appointment at 9 tomorrow morning......I still haven't even taken the nail polish off my toes that Stevie painted on them 2 weeks ago lol.........Oh lord I feel a small aneurysm coming on ........... blue and white wedding

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