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Benefits of Uddiyana Bandha (The Abdominal Lock)
Uddiyana Bandha massages all the organs in the abdomen.
It tones the adrenal glands and balances its function.
It improves digestion by increasing the digestive fire.
It helps to remove stress and tension. ...
It improves the function of the liver and pancreas.
In Uddiyana Bandha, the air is held outside. The upward movement of the abdominal muscles also massages the respiratory system. Practicing of Bahir Kumbhaka (external holding of breath) can systematically improve the lung capacity. beach wedding wears suitable for mother of the bride
It also has effect on the heart and improves circulation of blood throughout the body.
Uddiyana Bandha activates the Manipuraka Chakra, the solar plexus and improves all functions related to that nerve center.
Uddiyana Bandha is one of the main components of Maha Bandha or the great triple lock practiced by yogis. Pic by Sidd. To know more visit

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Communiqué (additif) relatif au poste d’Opérationnels Polyvalents


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